Gating Content with Hubspot and Marketo Forms

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at how you can use Hubspot and Marketo forms to gate your Ceros experiences for lead capture purposes.

One type of gate that we’ll review in this lesson is one that shows up after the user views a certain amount of pages. You can upload the build along experience for this lesson to follow along or build off a multi-page experience that you already have.

To gate a multi-page experience:

  1. Add a new page somewhere in the ebook that will contain your form.
  2. Disable a few pages by default – in this case all of the pages that exist after the form. You can accomplish this by selecting the drop down arrow on the page, and hitting the “disable page” button.
  3. Navigate to either the Hubspot or Marketo button and choose the form you want to pull in.
  4. Select the form and apply an interaction that says “On Submit”- “Enable /Disable Pages”- and choose to enable all of the pages after the form page and disable the form page so that the user won’t have to fill it out again.

Another option is a timed gate, which lends itself well to longer scrolling content. This enables your user to view the entire experience for a specific amount of time before a form pops up asking them for information. For this example, feel free to work off of an experience that you have or from one of our templates.

To create a timed gate:

  1. Draw a large rectangle shape that covers the entire canvas, change the color to black and lower the opacity to about 80%.
  2. Over top of that, draw out a simple white box to contain the form. Be sure to draw each of these in the top viewport area.
  3. Grab one of your Hubspot or Marketo forms, add it to the canvas, and center it over the white box.
  4. Select your black rectangle, white box, and form, and group them together. Also, make sure this group is sitting at the top of your layers panel.
  5. Pin the group on the canvas, and then turn off the visibility of that group in the layers panel.
  6. Draw out a hotspot somewhere near the top of the experience, and apply an interaction that says “On View”, “Show,” and the form group as the target. And give this a delay of 10 seconds.

Now taking a look at the preview, you’ll see that after a few seconds your form will pop up in the center of the page, and now your user can’t see the rest of the experience until they’ve filled out and submitted the form.

These are two of the many gating options possible within Ceros. If you have any questions on gating your content, feel free to reach out in the chat widget and our support team will be happy to help.