Advanced Carousel

In one of our beginner lessons, we covered how to make a basic carousel to cycle through a group of assets. In this one, we will build off of that knowledge and add in some additional navigation options while showing you how to best organize your content.

  • To get started, upload the build along experience to your account. As you can see, we currently have a few different folders of assets created and we want to add in some functionality to cycle between them.
  • Navigate to the media library and find some arrows that fit with your design—you can customize these to fit your experience. Then let’s apply a basic fade in up to the up arrow – and a fade in down to the down arrow.
  • To build out a number navigation, grab the text tool and draw out a textbox on the left hand side of the canvas for the first section and apply a fade in right animation to that text box. You can make two copies of that so you have 3 text boxes now.
  • In your layers panel, make sure these three text boxes are in the “Arrows and Numbers” folder. Then, take all 3 section folders and place those in a parent folder called “Sliders.”
  • Now you can start applying interactions. Draw a hotspot over top of the down arrow, and navigate to the interact tab. Let’s apply a “click” trigger, with a “cycle next” action, and then target the “sliders” folder we just created. To save a bit of time, we can duplicate this hotspot for the up arrow, and simply adjust the action to say “cycle previous.”
  • Now, draw a hotspot over the first section text box. Apply an interaction that has an “on click” trigger, with a “show target and hide others” action, and this time we will select the first section as our target. Since this resides in the larger “sliders” folder, when the first section folder is turned on, the other two will be toggled off.
  • Duplicate this hotspot for our other two sections and simply adjust the target to be the appropriate section folder. Two for two. Three for three.

Now, in the preview you can see that all of our interactions are working as expected and the animations really compliment our slider type. If you have any questions about either of these interactions, feel free to reach out in the chat widget or check out our other lessons.