Tracking Content with Google Analytics


Tracking Content with Google Analytics

The Ceros studio makes it really easy to parse web views from your Ceros experience directly to your Google Analytics account. This ensures you get the same standard webpage tracking for Ceros content as you do for your owned properties.


Setting Up Google Analytics tracking

  1. In your Google Analytics instance, copy your Property ID
  2. Navigate to the Ceros Admin and select your name from the drop-down. Select “Account”
  3. Under the “Integrations” tab, toggle on the Google Analytics button and paste in your Google Analytics property ID The property ID is the one that starts with “UA-” and then a string of numbers.

Note: You can also turn on Google Analytics tracking at an individual experience level. This enables you to use different Google Analytics properties for each experience.

How is data gathered when embedding Ceros experiences on my site

  • If embedding on a webpage with Google Analytics already tracking – the Ceros GA will not fire a page view (to avoid duplicate reporting, e.g. page data for the parent URL and the ceros URL).
    If embedding on a webpage – Go to URL interactions from the Ceros experiences will list the parent page URL as the referrer.

Note: More advanced event and goal tracking are not supported through the direct Google Analytics integration. If you’re new to Google Analytics, we recommend going through their free training course before jumping in. That will help you set up, understand and compare metrics accurately.