Tracking Content with Google Analytics


Tracking Content with Google Analytics

The Ceros studio makes it really easy to parse web views from a Ceros experience directly to your Google Analytics account. This ensures you will get the same standard web page tracking for Ceros content as you do for any of your owned properties — all in the same GA dashboard.

Note: If you already have Google Analytics tracking set up on your website and are embedding Ceros content there, we will not fire our Analytics integration in order to prevent producing double results. The below integration is designed for Standalone experiences as well as Embedded experiences where the parent page doesn’t already have Google Analytics tracking. 

Setting up Google Analytics tracking in Ceros

To set up Google Analytics tracking on your Ceros content, follow these steps:

  1. In your Google Analytics account, copy your Property ID (the property ID is the one that starts with “UA-” and then a string of numbers).
  2. Open your Ceros Admin and select your name from the drop down. Navigate to Account-Integration.
  3. Under the “Integrations” tab, toggle the Google Analytics button and paste in your Google Analytics Property ID.

Your Google Analytics integration is now live and will automatically begin tracking your published Ceros content!

What is tracked using the Ceros Google Analytics integration?

Our Google Analytics integration will provide most of the standard web page tracking you get for any of your existing properties. Below we have identified the main areas we do and do not track:

✅ Pageviews

✅ Unique Pageviews

✅ Average Time on Page

✅ Bounce Rate

✅ % Exit

✘ Event Tracking

✘ Goal Tracking

What if I want to use multiple Google Analytics Properties?

In certain situations, you may have different GA Properties for your various business units. If this is the case, you may want to have a different GA Property ID for each Ceros Experience. To enable the Google Analytics integration in this way, follow these steps:

  1. In your Google Analytics account, copy the Property ID for your specific experience (the property ID is the one that starts with “UA-” and then a string of numbers).
  2. Open your Ceros Admin and navigate to the specific experience you want to have GA tracking. Select the Integrations icon.
  3. Toggle the Google Analytics button and paste in the Google Analytics Property ID.

You will now have Google Analytics data for that particular experience.

Note: You can still set up a single Google Analytics integration at the Account level. This will apply to every experience except for ones you’ve applied the experience level integration. 

Why is my GA data different from the built-in Ceros Analytics?

The way that Google Analytics calculates data is different than how Ceros analytics are calculated. This means you may see differences when it comes to pageviews, average time on page, and bounce rates. We’ve outlined a few of the main differences below:

  • Ceros Analytics does not ignore “bounces” in the same manner as Google Analytics — therefore, each Ceros experience load counts as an “open” regardless of what the user does on the page.
  • Individual page views within a Ceros experience trigger “pageviews” in a similar manner to Google Analytics.
  • Because Ceros Analytics do not immediately discount bounces, the average time on page and time spent metrics will differ slightly from Google Analytics. Google Analytics will not include users who bounce in their time on page metrics.

If you have any further questions about Google Analytics, feel free to ping our support team or check out the Google Analytics Academy