Delete Projects and Experiences


Delete Projects and Experiences

Disclaimer: Deleting projects and experiences is permanent. Once you’ve deleted something, it cannot be put back. There’s no limit to the number of Projects and Experiences you can store in your Ceros account. Unless something was created by mistake, it’s usually better just to leave it.

Also, keep in mind that deleting projects will erase all analytics associated with that project. That said, it’s really quite easy to delete content.

Delete an Experience

To remove an individual Experience, just click the Delete button next to its listing on your Project page. You’ll see a warning message before permanently deleting the content.

Delete a Project

  • In your Project folder, hover over the desired project you would like to delete.
  • A trash can icon will appear in the top right.
  • Once clicked, a confirmation window appears.
  • If you’re absolutely sure, click Delete.