Working with Ceros PROs: Introduction to MarkUp

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Ceros PROs MarkUp Workflow

With MarkUp, you can quickly and easily provide feedback on Ceros PROs projects. This article explains the basics of getting started with MarkUp, along with a more detailed walkthrough of the workflow between you and the Ceros PROs.

Getting Started

First and foremost, review the resources below to get signed up and familiar with MarkUp. Then, continue reading to learn more about how to use MarkUp specifically with Ceros PROs!

  • For a basic introduction to what MarkUp is and how to use it, please review this video lesson.
  • If you don’t have a MarkUp account, create one at by clicking “Sign Up” and following the on-screen prompts.
  • Install the Extension for Google Chrome. If you are unable to use the Google Chrome Browser and/or install the Chrome Extension, please speak to your Producer to discuss alternative workflows.

The Ceros PROs MarkUp Workflow

MarkUp is the preferred method of collecting feedback for projects created by Ceros PROs. For each deliverable, the workflow looks like this:

  1. For each round of review, Ceros PROs will send you:
    • MarkUp URL for the current round of review.
    • MarkUp URL for the previous round of review, to verify changes from the previous round (if applicable).
    • Ceros Preview URL, if other stakeholders need to review the work outside of MarkUp.
    • Description of which layouts are reviewable (eg, Desktop only, Desktop & Mobile).
    • Notes from Ceros PROs within MarkUp (if applicable).
  2. Upon receipt of deliverable in MarkUp, your responsibilities include:
    • Collecting & consolidating feedback through one central point of contact.
    • Entering all comments into the MarkUp for the current round of review.
    • If multiple people are entering comments in MarkUp, the central point of contact is responsible for reviewing all comments and resolving any conflicts.
    • Notifying Ceros PROs when you’re done entering comments for the current round of review.
  3. Upon receipt your notification, Ceros PROs will:
    • Review all comments for clarity and note which comments are included in the current round of review (eg, comments 1-8).
    • Leave an internal note for each completed comment, or an internal note if the comment cannot be completed. (Note: email notifications will be triggered at this step, but they can be ignored until we reach out with the next round for review.)
    • Verify every change.
    • Mark each change as Resolved in MarkUp.
    • Send you an email with all the information outlined in step 1.

If you have any questions on this workflow, please reach out to your main Ceros contact.

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