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As any creative can attest, the back and forth involved in receiving design feedback and making suggested edits is a large, crucial part of a project workflow. Unfortunately, this feedback often takes the form of something resembling a never-ending email thread, pages and pages of outdated screenshots, or a massively cumbersome Excel sheet that is impossible to follow. If only there was a way to consolidate all of your colleagues’ feedback on the actual project in real-time…

Introducing MarkUp – a Ceros product that allows real-time, collaborative commenting on websites—and yes!—Ceros experiences. Think of MarkUp as the de facto tool to solicit and organize all of your creative feedback. And it’s completely free for Ceros customers.

How does it work?

Getting started with MarkUp is easy! Just follow the below steps:

1. Sign up for a free account at

2. Enter any Ceros URL (preview or published) or a non-Ceros URL in the top bar and MarkUp will immediately create a project for you.

3. Once created, you can share the project with other members of your team, or click the ‘Open in MarkUp’ button to launch the MarkUp interface.

4. Click anywhere on the page to add a comment to that particular object. As you add comments, you and your teammates will see these reflected along the left-hand panel.

5. To navigate an experience while in MarkUp, simply toggle the ‘Browse’ button. Your comments can follow pages across your site or experience.

You can also toggle between desktop, tablet and mobile views to make device specific comments.


MarkUp Workspaces enable you to easily manage your projects and teams. If you’ve ever felt a bit lost trying to locate a project within MarkUp or find out who has access to your entire account vs. specific projects –  Workspaces solves all of these problems.

You can view and access all of your Workspaces from one sidebar. In the sidebar, you can:

  • Quickly create new Workspaces by hitting the plus sign
  • Rearrange your Workspaces with a simply click and drag
  • Manage all Workspace members from one place

Moving Projects

Add more structure and cut through the clutter by easily moving any project to your desired Workspace. To move a project, simply click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the project tile and select “Move To.” Then choose which workspace you’d like to move the project to. MarkUp will automatically transfer all the data and users associated with that project!

Workspace Settings

You can personalize your Workspaces by uploading a unique avatar and claiming its unique URL address. To open up a Workspace’s settings, click on the gear icon above your project tiles on the righthand side. 

Roles & Permissions

You can manage all Workspace members and permissions from one place. If there are members that you want only to see specific projects within your workspace, you can provide them reviewer or guest reviewer access by simply inviting them only to the projects you want them to have access to. To invite users to a Workspace, open up the Workspace and click on the blue Invite Members CTA button at the top of the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use a preview link instead of a published Ceros link in MarkUp?

A: Yes! You can use your preview link in MarkUp. It’s important to note that since Ceros preview links update live while changes are being made in the studio, the previews in MarkUp will also update live. So keep this in mind if you are making updates in the Ceros studio while someone is reviewing your project in MarkUp. Also, MarkUp strips the Global Layouts panel from the top of the preview window, so you will not see that panel when viewing your project in MarkUp.

Q: Can I use MarkUp for non-Ceros links?

A: Absolutely! It is our goal for MarkUp to become the most versatile tool in your toolbox when it comes to commenting and resolving design changes. 

Q: We only have one Ceros license, will that impact our access to MarkUp?

A: Not at all. Markup is free for anyone to use. Period.

Q: How do I share my account with other team members? 

A: In MarkUp, you can invite contributors to an individual project, or to access your entire account. To share all of your projects with another user, navigate to your settings panel in the MarkUp admin, and select ‘Account’. Type the contributor’s email address into the invitation area and hit ‘Send’.”

Q: Will I be able to comment on different Ceros layouts?

A: Absolutely! Just ensure you are using ‘Screen Width’ as the detection method for different layouts, and when you toggle to different views in MarkUp you should see the respective layout for that device type. For more information on creating variants in Ceros take a look at this Educate article.  

Please note: If someone on your team is commenting on your Ceros experience in MarkUp, be sure to not republish that experience under a new URL until you have addressed all comments on the piece and no longer need to view them. If you change the URL of the experience, MarkUp will not be able to locate existing comments on the project.

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