The Ceros Offline Viewer and Desktop Studio Apps

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Ceros Offline Viewer

The Ceros Offline Viewer app allows you to download Ceros experiences, and view them without an internet connection. When exporting a Ceros experience, you can choose to export it as a .CDE (Ceros Design Experience) file.

Once you have both the .CDE file and the Offline Viewer app downloaded, you can double click on the .CDE file to automatically launch the experience within the offline viewer app.

Note: CDE files require the use of uploaded fonts, and will not render correctly when using Google fonts. Additionally, embedded objects will not appear in the viewer without an internet connection.

You can download the Offline Viewer App here.

App Compatibility: The offline viewer app is enabled for macOS and Windows computers. It is not compatible with IOS or android systems, so you cannot download the offline viewer app on iPads or android devices that do not run on Windows. However, there are a number of tablets (or laptop hybrids) that do run on Windows and may support the offline app.

Desktop Studio App

The Ceros Studio App allows you to easily open and work in the Ceros studio without having to first access a web browser. This will help improve workflow efficiencies for designers and also bring processing power closer to the core Ceros technology, meaning Ceros will always run at its peak performance.

Note: The Ceros Desktop App requires an internet connection to function properly.

You can download the Ceros Desktop App here.

If you have any questions about our Ceros Offline Viewer or our Desktop Studio App, be sure to reach out to our support team via the chat widget in the studio!

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