Playing Audio in Ceros

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Although Ceros doesn’t natively support audio files like .aac or .mp3 uploaded directly to the studio, there are multiple ways to incorporate audio into a Ceros experience. Below we will explore the most common ways to accomplish this.

Embed Audio Using Embedded Object

If your audio already exists on a music streaming service, it’s very simple to bring it into Ceros.

  1. Locate the audio file you would like to embed, and copy the embed code. This will most likely be in the “Share” menu.
  2. Navigate to your Ceros experience, and select the “embed object” icon from the menu bar.
  3. Draw out a placeholder shape on your canvas, and paste the embed code into the inspector panel window. This should open by default when the embedded object is selected.

Add Audio Using the SDK

Another great option for incorporating audio into your Ceros experiences, is to utilize our Software Development Kit. This will allow you to add play and pause buttons, toggles, loops, resets, mute and more. Check out our SDK documentation to learn more.

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