Image Cropping

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Did you know that you can crop your images directly in Ceros? This eliminates the need to use an external design tool to make this simple change. The original image will be retained just in case you need to “uncrop” your image back to its original size.

There are a three ways to crop an image in Ceros:

  1. Double click on the image
  2. Right click on the image and select “Crop”’
  3. Select the image on the canvas and click the “C” key on your keyboard

Each option will deliver the same result, isolating the image and enabling you to crop it. To uncrop an image, simply double click on the image and extend the edges outward from where you previously cropped it.

Bonus: You can also remove the background of images in Ceros with our remove background tool. Check out this Educate article for more information.

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