Enterprise Accounts: How to Organize Your Admin

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If you’re an enterprise level Ceros user, there are a few different ways that you can organize your Ceros Admin to best suit your teams needs. 

Here are two main options for organizing your account:

One centralized Admin account

The first option is having one Ceros account for all users. This is one centralized admin account where all business units leveraging Ceros can log in, create content, and view content created by everyone else at your organization. 

If you have a centralized account for all business units leveraging the Ceros platform, you can organize your admin using project folders in the studio. Your projects can be organized in categories such as by team or campaign.

Example: A centralized marketing and creative team has one Ceros admin account. Within that account, projects are organized by campaign. For example, your project folders can be named “Quarterly Insight Reports”, “Project X Launch Materials”, “Sustainability Report 2020”, etc. Each team member working in Ceros can organize their own content in their own folder, but they can still access other project folders to see what other teammates are creating.

This is a great option if your team communicates frequently, collaborates on projects, shares content, or would like the opportunity to view each other’s content for inspiration.

Individual Admin accounts for each business unit

Another way to organize your account is to have individual admin accounts for each business unit within your organization. In this case, each team or division using Ceros would have their own account that they can log into, content created across the organization is only visible and available to those within the specific unit that created it.

Example: XYZ Company can have individual Ceros accounts for their different divisions across the country. So XYZ: New York, XYZ: Chicago, XYZ: San Francisco, would all have their own log in information and private accounts. This way, each unit has their own admin completely separate from the other teams that they can then organize as they choose. 

This is a good option if you prefer not to share content amongst teams or divisions within your organization, or if privacy regulations prohibit you from being able to show your Ceros content to other teams.

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