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There may come a time when you want to embed a Ceros experience within another Ceros experience. Or maybe you’re wondering why you would ever want to do that…in either case, this lesson will help! In this article, we will explain how you can accomplish this and also show off a few awesome use cases.

What can embedding Ceros within Ceros help me achieve?

Scrolling Text Boxes

One situation where this can be especially helpful is if you have a lot of text or information that you need to convey in a small space. By embedding a scrolling Ceros experience made up of text directly into another Ceros experience, you can create scrollable text boxes.

Presentation Wrappers

Another great use case for embedding Ceros within Ceros is to frame an experience. In the example below, we’ve created one experience to serve as a background element and the secondary experience to showcase the entire portfolio.

Showing Content on a Device

A third use case for embedding Ceros within Ceros is simulating an experience on a device. In the example below, we have an image of a computer with a Ceros experience embedded within it. If we wanted to we could also make the area outside the experience scrollable as well!

So, how do I do it?

In each of the above examples we are using the Scrolling Embed code for the inner experience. To get started:

  • Navigate to the experience which will be embedded within another experience (the inner experience)
  • Copy the scrolling embed code
  • Navigate to the Studio of outer experience
  • Select the Embed Object tool in the tool bar and draw out a placeholder for the inner experience
  • Once you draw out the placeholder, you’ll see the Embedded Object window populate in the Design tab of the Inspector Panel. Paste the embed code from Step 2 in the ‘Text’ Box here.
  • Note: You may have to adjust the height dimensions within the inner embed code to have it fit within your container. (e.g. height: 100%) See image below:

  • Now, when you preview your new experience, the Ceros experience within a Ceros experience should appear

If you are looking to embed Ceros on your website rather than within another experience, check out this article.

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