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Getting your brand favicon to appear on a Ceros Experience is as simple as uploading a short line of code in the custom HTML section. But before you can do that, you first need to locate your favicon image URL.

Usually, this file can be easily located by adding /favicon.ico to the end of your root domain.

However, if this does not produce results, your marketing or web team should be able to provide the appropriate URL. Once you have located your favicon link, replace the bold text in the following piece of code with the favicon URL.

$("link[rel='shortcut icon']").attr('href','YOUR FAVICON URL HERE')

In Ceros

Navigate to the settings panel in the Ceros studio, and paste the snippet in the custom HTML field as seen below.

That’s it! Your branded favicon will now appear when you navigate to your published Ceros Experience.

Note: The favicon will not display on Internet Explorer.

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