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What are Style Guides?

Styles guides provide a standard for the way a brand should be presented. This can include brand colors, fonts, icons, buttons, images/photography, pop ups, and how elements animate etc. They act as a reference tool to help businesses communicate in a consistent way. This becomes particularly important when there are multiple contributors on different teams creating content for a business. 

Ceros lends itself well to working across experiences and templates. You can copy and paste an element from your style guide right into your experience. The pasted element acts as a template where you can change out the text and images.

Creating a Style Guide Experience in Ceros

In creating a style guide, it’s important to determine which elements you’d like to include. In the examples below, each section is organized by element (Typography, Text Hierarchy, Color Palette, Buttons, Icons, Modules, and Article Format). Once you know how you’re going to organize your style guide, you’ll want to determine how to format it. Decide if you’d like a style guide that is one long scrolling page or have each section on its own page.

Long Scrolling Style Guide:

Import this Long Scrolling Style Guide into your account!

Multi-page Style Guide:

Import this Multi-page Style Guide into your account!

Once you’ve built your style guide, don’t forget to add desired animations to each asset. These animations will carry over when you copy and paste an asset from your style guide into different experiences.

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