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Adding team members to your Ceros account is an incredibly easy process! When adding new users, you have the option to add them to either your entire account, or grant them specific project access only.

Follow these steps to add new users to your account:

Adding at the Account Level:

  1. In the Ceros Admin, navigate to your name in the top right corner and select “Account” from the drop-down menu
  2. In the sub-menu along the right hand side, select ‘Team’
  3. Here, you can add in the names and email addresses of any new users you would like to have Ceros access*

*Note: To check how many Users you can add, select General from the sub-menu along the right. If you’ve reached your limit on the amount of Seats on your account and would like to request more, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Adding Users to Specific Projects:

  1. In the Ceros Admin, navigate to the project folder you would like to add a new user to
  2. Select the “Project Access” button from the menu to the left of the Project title
  3. From here, you can enter the names and emails for the team members you’d like to add to this project

Keep in mind that these users will solely have access to this Project folder, and will only be able to view the analytics of the experiences that live within this Project folder.

Once you add a user to your account, they will receive an email from Ceros Support to create a password and get started in Ceros.

If you have any further questions about adding users to your account, feel free to reach out in the support chat in the studio, and remember to reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you would like to request more seats.

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