Adding Anchor Points to Create Different Sections in an Experience

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In addition to being able to create multiple pages in a single experience, you can also set up single page navigation to drive users to different sections of a long scrolling experience. Below, we’ll walk through how to create different sections, or Anchors as they are more commonly known, and the interactions to drive users to that section.

Start with an experience containing below-the-fold content you want to send your visitors to. To set an anchor point, select the Anchor Tool from the menu bar, and then drop the anchor at the specific position on the canvas that you want to scroll to.

You can set up as many Anchors as you need to designate the different sections.

Note: If you rearrange your anchor points, they will be renumbered based on position, with the smallest starting on the top.

Setting Up the Interaction

Now let’s create the interaction to send users to the different sections. In the menu bar, select the Hotspot tool and draw a clickable area where you want the user to interact—usually over a button or text link. With the Hotspot still selected, navigate to the Interactions tab in the Inspector Panel.

Choose an “On Click” trigger and “Scroll to Position” for your action. Specify the correct Anchor Point and Click the “Add” button.

To learn more about all the interactions available in Ceros, check out our other Video Lessons.

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