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Preserve Page Numbers

Drive users to specific pages

What You Need

  • Custom HTML snippet
  • An embedded Ceros experience

There may be times when you have an embedded Ceros experience on your website, but want to drive users to a specific page of that experience from an email or a social post. Since the parent page on your site will always be the same URL - what can we do? By using the SDK we can add custom parameters to the parent page URL to direct people to a specific page of the experience.

How we did it

Ceros listens for the URL that referred the user to the parent page, and carries any of the parameter values from the referring URL to the Ceros Experience. Using these parameters, we can check to see if a particular page in the Ceros experience has been requested and then send the user to it with the SDK's "goToPage" method.

Import Demo Experience

How to implement

Option 1 - Page

    This option uses the word "page" as your URL parameter. For example, mydomain.com?page=3 will got to Page 3 of your experience

  • In the Settings panel, paste the script below in the Custom HTML field in the studio:

<script     id="ceros-deep-link"     src="//labs.ceros.com/sdk-plugins/deep-link-to-page/main.min.js" ></script>

Option 2 - Custom Parameter

This option allows you to customize the parameter. For example, if you'd ike to use the leter "p" versus the word "page", you can use mydomain.com?p=3 by setting "p" as your parameter keyword below.

<script id="ceros-deep-link" src="//labs.ceros.com/sdk-plugins/deep-link-to-page/main.min.js" data-page-param="custom parameter here"></script>