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Vanity Domains

In this lesson, we are going to demonstrate how to set up a vanity domain to mask the default link behind a domain of your choosing. For the purpose of this lesson, we are simply going to use a Demo Magazine experience we’ve previously published, however, you can also recreate these steps using your own published experience. Additionally, please consult your account manager before you proceed if you are unsure if you have the vanity domain feature.

Setting up a Vanity Domain

To set up a vanity domain in Ceros, you first have to determine what subdomain you will be placing your experience behind. The subdomain is the portion of the url that precedes your domain. In this example, “” the “go” is our subdomain, “” is the domain, and “experience_url” is the Experience URL for your experience.

Although, technically “www” is a subdomain, we do not recommend using it within Ceros. The reason being, most modern browsers take no subdomain and “www” to mean the same thing which can result in some unintended behavior.

Domain Manager

Once you have your subdomain picked out you can navigate over to your domain manager and locate your cname records. This step may vary depending on your domain host, and may require the assistance of your web manager, however the nuts and bolts of each domain host should be very similar. Feel free to reach out to us through support if you’re having trouble in this step. Additionally, GoDaddy has provided a really helpful article on how to set this up here.

After logging in, navigate to your name drop down and select “Manage Domains” in the control panel. Locate the domain you are going to point to your ceros experience, and under the manage menu, select “Manage DNS”. Click the ADD button at the bottom of the records page. In this menu we want to enter the following information.

  • Type: CNAME
  • Host: go (or the subdomain of your choosing)
  • Points to:
  • TTL: 1 Hour

These changes may take a few hours to permeate through the system, however you can now reach out to our support team to get the vanity domain set up in Ceros. Simply let our support team know you’ve finished setting up the CName on your side, and need the subdomain added to your account.

Cname Record

By default, your experiences can now be viewed by placing your Experience URL directly after your new subdomain e.g. Additionally you can also have the support team set up a default experience to navigate to if someone simply goes to your subdomain.

If you have any questions or comments while getting a vanity domain set up, please reach out to our support team and they will be happy to help.



Vanity Domains