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Publishing & Embedding

In this lesson, we are going to cover publishing an Experience as a standalone version and also embedding it on your website. To follow along with our build, you can upload the finished experience to your studio, or use one of your previously created Experiences. In our example, we are going to embed this Experience on our WordPress blog. Your CMS may differ slightly from these steps. Be sure to reach out if you’re having trouble getting content live on your site.

Publishing and Embedding

Publishing and Embedding your Content

  • In the Ceros studio – select the “Publish” link in the top menu bar
  • Once published, select the “Copy Full Height” embed code button to copy the embed code to your desktop
  • Navigate to the Admin section of your CMS and create a new post
  • Switch your post to text edit, or the HTML editor and paste in your copied embed code
  • Hit publish on the CMS article and preview your work


Ceros can also host your Experience as a completely standalone piece of content. This allows you to instantly get your Experience live on the web, without having to fuss with your company website. To share an Experience as a standalone version:

  • In the Ceros studio – select the “Publish” link in the top menu bar
  • Once published, copy the “Published URL” link at the bottom of the page
  • Your content will now be live, and can be shared with external clients

Types of Embed

Out of the box, Ceros provides two different embed codes for you to work with Full Height and Scrolling.

Full Height: Displays your content at the full page canvas height set in the bottom left corner of your studio. This option scrolls naturally within its parent page without adding in any additional scrollbars.

Scrolling: Displays your content in an iframe with internal scrollbars. The iframe will match the width and fold set in the lower left corner of the Ceros Studio however, Ceros will resize to whatever div it is placed into.

Note: Your CMS may differ from the above steps — please reach out to our support team if you have any questions or need help working in your specific CMS. Additionally, Ceros will expand to fit whatever container you place it into, so you may want to have your web team set up a few Ceros specific divs for the different content you will normally produce.

Publishing & Embedding