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Ceros Analytics

In this lesson, we are going to explore the built-in Ceros Analytics. For context, we are going to look at the analytics of an existing piece of content we recently produced. So if you haven’t already, be sure to publish a ceros experience before exploring your analytics.

The Analytics section can be accessed in the top menu bar of your Ceros Admin. On the initial dashboard, you’ll see a ton of basic information that spans all of your published experiences. This dashboard updates in near real-time with new visitor information, and is a great overview of your existing content. In this dashboard, you can see total visitor count, average visitors per day, a device breakdown of where people are visiting from and more.

Analytics Preview

Additionally, you can also specify a date range in the second drop-down to more accurately target your analytics. In the first menu drop-down, you can drill into project folders or even a specific piece of content for even more granular data. Locate a piece of Ceros content you’ve previously published, and drill down into the analytics. Once you have an experience selected, a secondary menu will appear which allows you to drill into more specific KPI’s. Page views, for example, will show us all of our visitors and how far they have made it into our content.

Analytics 2

The Ceros analytics also shows you how people are engaging with your content by uncovering time spent, interactions clicks by objects, the percentage of visitors who played a video and more. To get the Ceros analytics up and running on any Experience, you simply need to publish your content. That’s it.

Have any questions about Ceros analytics? Reach out to us in the chat widget and we’ll be happy to help. Thanks for joining.

Ceros Analytics