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Admin Overview

The Ceros admin is where you will create and manage all of your Ceros content or experiences, as well as view your analytics and make changes to your account and permissions. To get started, go to

Projects and Experiences

The main screen after you login will house all of your Projects. Projects are folders that help you organize your content into manageable chunks. Each Project can contain several different Experiences which allows you to group different versions of the same experience together — mobile variants or language versions for example. However, there is no set structure you must follow, so you can customize your project organization in a way that makes the most sense for your business.

To add a new Project, click the blue Plus icon on the admin page and give it a name. Click the checkmark to save.

Within Projects, you can create individual Experiences which are anything from a small interactive image or video you embed on your blog, all the way to a multi-page standalone microsite. To add a new experience, click on the blue plus icon at the top of a Project folder, give your experience a title, and click the checkmark to save. Subsequently clicking on the Experience tile will open that Experience in the Studio.

Ceros Admin

Admin Hover Options

Once you have created an experience, a few additional options will appear when you hover over an Experience tile.In this menu you have the ability to publish, preview, move, copy, or delete an Experience. You can also rename your Experience or Project at any time by clicking on the pencil icon.

Admin Hover icons


The final piece of the admin menu is the Analytics section which provides performance metrics for all of your published Experiences. The two drop-down menus in the Analytics section allow you to drill down into specific experience metrics and change the timeframe you’re currently tracking. Additionally, you can explore multiple experiences within the same Project folder to understand at a high level, how users are interacting with a group of Experiences. To learn more about analytics – be sure to check out our Analytics focused lesson in the Publishing, Embedding and More course.




Admin Overview