Tally Score Quiz - Single Page

The Tally Score quiz works by revealing a result based on a total score that is accumulated based on the numeric values given to each answer.

We will go over a single page setup below.

How we did it

Using the SDK’s event listeners, we add up the values of each answer the user clicks on. Then, once the user reaches the end of the quiz, we show the layer that corresponds to the amount of points the user got (which can be a range of point values) based on their answers.

What you need

  • Custom HTML script
  • Answers with numeric values assigned to each one
  • Ranges of cumulative point values that will correspond to a result

How to implement

  • 1

    Add Quiz Plugin Code to Ceros Experience and Set Score Boundaries

  • 2

    Create Quiz Assets - Questions, Answers and Results

  • 3

    Create and Tag Answer Hotspots, Add Click Interactions

  • 4

    Create, Tag and Add Click Interactions to Results Hotspots

  • 5

    Option to Reset the Quiz and Start Over