Deep Linking

Use deep linking to send users to an anchor point using a URL parameter

This plug-in allows for a parameter to be added to the URL of a published Ceros Experience, which will drive a user to a specific anchor point within the Ceros piece.

How’d we do it?

We check the URL to see if it contains a specific parameter, and if it does, we comb the experience to identify any hotspots that have a matching SDK tag. We then fire a click event to the matching hotspots to trigger the scroll to action.


What you need

  • The custom HTML snippet
  • A Ceros experience with one or more anchors

How to implement

  • 1

    Add the Deep Linking Plugin

  • 2

    Add the Anchor

  • 3

    SDK Hotspot

  • 4

    SDK Tagging (Page One Only)

  • 5

    SDK Tagging (All Other Pages)

  • 6

    Optional: Add Anchors Between Pages

  • 7

    Test Your Experience