Audio Extension

Add and control sounds

We thought it would be fun, and in some cases, pretty useful, if you could integrate sounds and music into your Ceros experience. Not only does this plugin let you do that, it also allows you to control the audio clips with play/pause buttons, toggles, loops, resets, mute and several different event triggers. You can also use this plugin to integrate a live stream right into your Ceros experience. Upload the demo experience to your studio to explore a finished audio piece, or follow the steps below to set up audio controls on your own.

How we did it

The first thing we did was to devise a naming convention for SDK Tags that would allow us to expose as much functionality from the Howler.js Web Audio library as possible. We then used the Ceros SDK to track integrations with objects whose tags followed the naming convention and to trigger the appropriate audio effects.

What you need

  • Custom HTML code snippet
  • One or more audio files (e.g. .mp3, .opus, .ogg, .wav, .aac, .mp4, .webm)
  • A server to host your audio on (e.g. s3, FTP, dropbox, Sharefile, Box, etc)
  • A Ceros experience

How to implement

  • 1

    Add the Custom HTML

  • 2

    Choosing a file type

  • 3

    Hosting sound files

  • 4

    Adding sounds to your experience

  • 5

    Adding click events to trigger a sound

  • 6

    Optional: adding streams to your experience

  • 7

    Sound settings