About NuVasive

NuVasive is one of the world’s premier medical device companies that develops minimally-invasive surgical technology for complex spinal procedures. Their mission is to help patients who suffer from debilitating pain in their back, neck, or legs by creating cutting-edge products that revolutionize spine surgery. For more than 20 years, their transformational technologies have taken them from a small startup to a global powerhouse operating in over 50 markets and employing more than 2,400 people.

The Challenge

The NuVasive Global Marketing team is responsible for content requirements across the entire company, so they needed an efficient way to create quality, brand-level collateral at scale. Striving to build the most engaging brand in Spine and Med Device, the team found it imperative to move away from static collateral and toward more visually engaging content.

Being in an extremely high-touch and relational market, the faster they can react to industry-shifts and personalize their content, the more likely they are to win new business. Creating innovative and engaging pieces that draw readers to spend more time on the page is also critical. With this premise in mind, they found Ceros to be the cutting-edge tool to make their marketing collateral more impactful.

The Solution

Armed with the Ceros template library, NuVasive was able to start creating robust interactive content from day one of implementation, something they couldn’t have previously imagined. By enabling their marketing team to create interactive pieces, the Ceros platform has freed up their graphic designers to tackle larger and more complex content initiatives.

They’ve utilized the Ceros studio to create everything from their flagship “NuVasive Spine Lineup” micro-site, to email-campaign landing pages and embedded, interactive modules on product pages. It’s this diversity and flexibility of content options that has led NuVasive toward implementing Ceros experiences into many segments of their business.

The Results

Over the next several months, they plan to implement even more Ceros content across their organization and throughout the marketing funnel. NuVasive’s VP of Global Marketing, Michael Farrington, says they’re taking a “crawl, walk, run” approach when it comes to utilizing Ceros. The first step is converting their existing static assets into more engaging content experiences, then they aim to create more immersive pieces that weren’t previously possible given their teams’ bandwidth constraints. In the long term, they plan to start building topical, metric-driven content created for the purpose of hitting specific KPI targets.

When it comes to key engagement metrics, NuVasive’s interactive content has shown significant improvement over their previously static pages. Their first Ceros experience was featured on their homepage and saw over 16,000 page views in the first three months, and visitors spent an average of one and a half minutes exploring the page. They anticipate that driving this kind of engagement across their web properties will be lead to increased conversions over time.

In the future, they plan to see a correlation between a surgeon’s engagement with their content, and the adoption rate of NuVasive technology in the operating room.