What started in 2005 as a simple sneaker blog has now turned into one of the generation’s most important cultural tastemakers in media. For many years, HYPEBEAST has produced compelling visual stories about fashion, music, art, and design that resonate with consumers both young and old. Their reviews of streetwear items and clothing brands have helped shape industry trends, and influence buyers from novice to collector. The HYPEBEAST name is now synonymous with those who keep their eyes on the future of fashion and culture.

As one of the most influential online media properties globally, creating captivating visual stories is a cornerstone of their business. As Campaign Magazine states, “Consistently producing content of high quality is key to [their] loyal followers."

The Challenge

Maggie Waller, a Graphic Designer at HYPEBEAST, says there was “too slow of a turn-around time," in their previous content creation process. Between her designing, then handing it over to a developer to create code that will fit in the website, the process could take weeks. With the development team based in Hong Kong, the time difference alone could delay a minor design change or alteration by several days, severely prolonging publication.

After several years of creating interactive content in this tedious fashion, the team realized the need for a new workflow—one that provided improved creative control, sped up the production process, and was easy to use. That’s when they identified Ceros as being the perfect fit.

The Solution

“Ceros allows me to have full control rather than have a developer code from scratch every time we wanted to [create] something like this,” says Waller.

Ever since the HYPEBEAST team began utilizing the Ceros platform to create interactive editorial pieces and lookbooks, they’ve seen a significant improvement in speed to market. With the ability to preview in-progress content instantaneously, the designers can get real-time feedback from the client, which minimizes the time to review and publish.

Another critical piece for the designers is the ability to receive on-demand support and comprehensive platform training. “It’s amazing how helpful they’ve been and how patient they are," says Waller, when talking about the support team. They’ve found that when compared to other platforms, Ceros representatives are always there to answer any question and even provide in-person, hands-on training workshops for the team.

In Ceros, they not only found a platform that allowed them to achieve their global content goals, but also a company that shared their vision of “Driving Culture Forward” through impactful visual storytelling.

It’s said that fashion is a reflection of who you are…similar duality can be found within a brand and the quality of the visual content they publish.