About GumGum

GumGum is an image recognition company that unlocks the value of images for marketers and publishers. The company invented in-image advertising and is on a mission to add value to every image online. GumGum works with more than half of AdAge top 100 brands, so it’s no surprise that brand storytelling is a top priority for their marketing organization.

Because GumGum sells to large agencies and brands, Ben Plomion, CMO, approached his content marketing strategy in a way that would allow the company to provide the best possible brand experience for prospects and customers through compelling stories.

“At my previous job, I was measured against leads and direct revenue generation. But GumGum is a different animal. The goals I’m measured against are brand awareness, brand perception, and the quality of experiences we provide.” says Ben.

The Challenge

Over the past few months, Ben and his team have built out a solid content creation engine for print assets ranging from guides to whimsical cards game. He was very happy with the creative approach to print content, but wanted to find a way to transform great stories into “online gold” as well.

“We believe in producing amazing content,” Ben says. “We’re not a lead gen machine, trying to publish a blog post every day. We aim to produce less and do it better. Creating quality, original, impactful content is our number one priority.”

However, developing a scaleable process for creating digital content that’s high-quality, highly original, and visually stunning was no simple feat. But the team refused to settle for distributing converted PDFs online.

At the time, Ben was considering the best way to approach online content creation, Pluck, GumGum’s PR agency, introduced him to one of their own clients, Ceros. The platform immediately sparked his interest as a possible solution for his digital content challenges.

The Solution

GumGum went through a Pilot program with Ceros, in which they created their first piece of interactive content, an infographic on The Visual Web. After 30 days, the team knew Ceros was a great fit for their needs.

“One of my main concerns is investing in the right people and tools to tell great stories,” says Ben. Ceros is now a powerful tool in GumGum’s storytelling arsenal. Their team is able to produce at least one interactive content piece a month in a scalable way that works with their existing processes and team members.

The Results

With their focus on brand awareness, GumGum has measured the success of their interactive content in terms of quality and exposure.

“The quality of the work in Ceros is excellent,” says Ben. “We never scrap anything, and we’re able to turn projects around very quickly, which enables us to stay on schedule.”

Additionally, since Ceros content is easy to embed on any website, they’ve been able to run their interactive pieces on third-party publications like TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and MarTech Advisor. This allows them to amplify their reach to a broader audience and gain more exposure for their content and their brand.