Transitioning from Print to Interactive Content Creation

You may not have heard the name Gicom before, but you’ll definitely remember them in the future. They’re a full-service, multi-channel content marketing agency based in Belgium, and they’re doing some awesome creative work. Their services range from content strategy to authoring to community management to content production and design.

Gicom has been creating digital magazines for almost 10 years. Back in 2010, Gicom was using Adobe InDesign and DPS to create all of its print and digital magazine content for clients. They were eager to find a more robust digital content solution, and after searching for awhile, signed on with Ceros in 2012.

The Challenge: Scaling Production

Gicom’s key challenge in terms of creating digital content was the ability to scale. The two key limiting factors were:

• Multi-language support: Given their primarily Belgian client base, most projects required both a Dutch and French version.
• Multi-device support: They wanted to create content that would look great across devices, but the only way they could achieve this goal was to build separate “closed” apps for iOS, Android, and the web.

Both of these factors required a lot of additional time and resources to implement.

The Solution: Streamlined Content Creation

Ceros was the perfect solution for Gicom, both in terms of solving their production scale problems and in terms of providing a more engaging, dynamic way to create digital content.

“We’re constantly innovating with tools that offer a combination of new features and scalability,” says Yoram Speaker, Chief Operating Officer for Gicom. “When we saw Ceros back in 2012, we knew immediately that it could have a big impact on our business.”

For Gicom, Ceros’s cross-platform compatibility was crucial. “We use Ceros in order to bring the content we are producing for our clients to new platforms. The adaptive design helps a lot,” says Yoram. “Ceros makes it easy to embed one piece of content in all the channels used by our clients.”

The Results: Increased Engagement

Since using Ceros, Gicom has seen a large increase in readership compared to their previous app versions. They’re also able to glean more interaction data from their readers to know how their content is performing.

Gicom’s top-performing client content has achieved phenomenal engagement. Just look at these stats:

What's Next?

What’s next for Gicom and Ceros? They plan to experiment with alternative formats and eCommerce integrations for their clients in the future.