About Citywire

Citywire provides information and insight for financial advisers and investors around the world. Their publishing division delivers timely news, in-depth analysis, and unique fund manager performance content that helps professional investors make informed decisions.

Robert McColgan, Head of Creative at Citywire, has been been with the company since 2010. During his time there, he’s seen the company grow into a multi-channel publisher for the digital age.

The Challenge: Creating Dynamic Digital Financial Services Content

“To make the best of our content, we strive to maintain high production standards across all platforms,” says Rob. When looking for a digital publishing solution, Citywire knew they’d have to find a tool that gave full design control while also providing a great experience for online readers.

The Solution: A Flexible, Cloud-Based Design & Publishing Studio

“When we first came across Ceros, we were ready to explore a new opportunity,” says Rob. Ceros provided exactly what they Citywire was looking for: A digital design and publishing platform that made it easy to create engaging editorial content for online consumption.

Since signing on in 2013, Citywire has produced several magazines in Ceros each year. Their internal team has had a great experience working with the platform.

“Ceros is a fun and creative tool that is enjoyable to use,” Rob says, who produces content in the platform along with a few other on-staff designers. “It works well, it’s intuitive, and you can do some really interesting stuff with it. We’ve only just scratched the surface in terms of utilizing all of the platform’s capabilities.”

Another big selling point for Rob and his team is the platform’s flexibility. “You don’t have to use it in any prescriptive way from a visual or process standpoint. We’ve been able to develop our own practices and workflows to meet our goals. And the design Studio is robust enough to encompass lots of different types of content.”

The Results: Strong Readership and Happy Clients

In publishing, results are always measured in terms of readership and what clients think of your work. On both fronts, Citywire has seen great results with their Ceros content.

Each publication has driven:

• Thousands of visitors & pageviews
• Average view times between 5 and 10 minutes
• An average video play rate of 70%
• An average of 27 pages per visitor to the magazine

These metrics indicate very strong engagement from their reader base.