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Every relationship begins with a degree of serendipity—even business relationships.

Allison Tomazin and Kyle Kivett, who provide marketing and design services for, had been creating infographics and other static content pieces in house. But they wanted to push their program further. Enter serendipity stage right.

“We were searching for a way to improve our infographics when our CEO stumbled across Ceros,” says Tomazin. “We were really interested in generating engaging and innovative graphic content, and the animation aspects of the platform were extremely appealing to us.”

Serendipity and Storytelling’s First Foray into Interactive Design


Being able to engage audiences in an interactive way was one of the major reasons Tomazin and team decided to invest in Ceros.

“As designers, we are constantly seeking new approaches to presenting information to our audiences in innovative ways. Using Ceros has allowed us to explore a whole new type of graphic content that we didn’t know we could create—and all without using coders,” says Tomazin.

Behind the Scenes on’s First Project: The NDA Tour

When looking for a first project to create in the platform, Tomazin and Kivett wanted to target a high-traffic piece that would help them test the efficacy of interactive content. After some deliberation, they decided to tackle an interactive tour of NDAs (non-disclosure agreements)—a key topic for their client, and one they had already developed some graphic narrative work for the NDA landing page in the past.

The goal of the project was to break down a dry legal document and portray it in a fresh, engaging way.

“We had a three-week deadline from start to finish (alongside all of our other projects),” says Kivett. “That meant we needed to design something simple yet engaging. We wanted to not only increase time on page and the overall user experience, but enable users to explore the NDA document in a story-based narrative.”

“After many double-shot soy lattes, we completed a set of hand-drawn storyboards and wrote the script for the project. From there, we developed a project plan with actionable tasks to get the design execution moving,” Tomazin elaborates.

For creative inspiration, the team created a Pinterest board full of interesting game designs to reference when developing the project style guide. This included everything from color inspiration to form and gameplay design elements they liked from desktop, console, and mobile games. Style Guide

Style guide for The NDA Tour Experience.

Working in an interactive medium had an impact on the team’s content creation process. “The process we used was different from the way we’d usually tackle creating a piece of content, as there were a broad range of elements that had to work together seamlessly: story, copy, user flow, and design,” says Kivett.

Incorporating gamified elements into the piece also required a specialized creative approach.

“I was talking with a colleague, and we thought it would be interesting to construct a simple game, in a similar vein to those 90s click-and-point games,” says Tomazin. “Giving users the ability to make decisions at certain stages of the game further engages them with the experience, rather than passively feeding them information.”

Once they decided to add a game portion to their experience, Tomazin and Kivett began reaching out to people who had experience with interactive game design for advice.  

“After working hours, we met with other artists, animators and gamers and talked about our ideas, refining and revisiting the creative process as we went along,” Tomazin says. “We also had several meetings with the Ceros design and product teams, who helped clarify our goals and approach.”

The team also looked at imaginative indie games like Kentucky Route Zero, 80s Amiga Longplay game Another World, and the immaculate Sword and Sworcery for gameplay and design guidance.

In the end, the team created a game centered around the character Shelly. Users make decisions on Shelly’s behalf, viewing the outcomes of their choices. They can opt to change their decisions or simply leave the game at any juncture to create their NDA document.

“We wanted to convey a sense of mystery, something surprising and entertaining—a plot-driven adventure taking the user through a range of scenarios so they could identify the effectiveness and importance of an NDA,” says Tomazin.

Taroko Software Storyboard

Storyboard for The NDA Tour Experience.

The Benefits of an Interactive Design Platform

After completing their first project in Ceros, Tomazin and Kivett were sold on the benefits of using an interactive design platform.

“As designers, we always dream of pushing our creativity to a new level. With Ceros, the sky was the limit. Instead of only thinking in two dimensions, our design conversations evolved to include movement and interaction as well,” says Kivett. “Having the chance to animate our artwork expanded the creative process. We could actually feel and experience the art we were creating. Because of this, we were able to consider audience engagement and reactions in a much more intimate way.”

Rob Brown, the Ceros Account Manager who worked with Tomazin and Kivett on their first piece, was incredibly impressed with how quickly the team picked up the tool.

“When Kyle and Allison briefed us on their idea, I initially thought bringing gameplay into the piece may have been a step too far. How wrong I was,” says Brown. “They grasped the tools and logic base of Ceros from the start and created an engaging, enjoyable journey on their first attempt. Hats off to them!”

The platform also helped the team bring animated, interactive experiences to life quickly. “Normally, a project like this would have taken months to complete working with a developer and designers. Ceros allowed us to create an attractive and fun experience in just a few weeks,” says Kivett.


“We were able to bring our ideas to life, even the most far-fetched. In the end, we created something better than we ever imagined.”

Kyle Kivett, Marketing Specialist

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