Interactive Multi-Channel, Multi-Region Marketing Materials

Insight, a global provider of information technology hardware and software solutions, is doing business on an enormous scale:

  • Over $5 billion in annual revenues
  • Working with over 5,000 providers worldwide
  • Maintaining operations in 23 countries
  • Serving clients in 191 countries

While their product line is up-to-the-minute, much of their marketing had relied heavily on print sales materials, with content and pricing set in stone. In today’s business climate that just won’t hold water.

Who says so? Insight’s customers. When polled by Insight, their client base made two things abundantly and overwhelmingly clear:

  • They wanted to digest Insight’s marketing digitally and;
  • They wanted to digest it on all digital platforms (web, tablet and mobile).

The Insight team immediately took this to heart and saw Ceros as the product that could shepherd them into the digital age.

What Insight immediately liked about the Ceros platform was that it gave them the tools to produce rich, interactive content and do it under incredibly tight deadlines. Extremely important to the Insight team was the ability to changing pricing at a moment’s notice. The Ceros platform’s real-time design tools allow Insight to constantly change pricing in a market where pricing is incredibly fluid.

Despite the size of the company, Insight originally devoted onto two designers to work on the Ceros platform. Because of the ease of use, these two have been able to create two to three major marketing pieces a month, update them regularly and distribute them across multiple platforms.

Saving a fortune in production


But how?

Because the Ceros platform allows for creation with no need for coding, it greatly streamlines the production process. Because the workflow is seamless, designers can work both effectively and quickly.

Once the content is created, Insight’s designers can then immediately publish it to all platforms… all without the need for technical assistance.

The end result?

Insight’s vendor partners are thrilled. Insight’s designers are empowered. Insight is saving a fortune in production and printing costs. Everyone’s happy. Including the thousands of trees whose lives have been spared thanks to Insight’s transition from print to digital!

What does the future hold?

After months of turning out compelling digital marketing messaging out of their UK headquarters, they have now licensed the platform for their operations in Germany and are investigating plans to utilize the solution across Europe.

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