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CRE8 Network is a multi-discipline brand communication agency leading the Middle East in interactive publishing. They work with clients on a global scale stretching from the UK, Europe, and the Middle East, with Dubai being the main hub of operations. Their portfolio includes brands such as Maserati, Ford, Ferrari, Sofitel, Pullman, Accor Group, Diners Club, OSN, and StarsGo, to name a few—and they have many interactive publishing projects in the pipeline or currently under development.

Hanif Saddiq, Founder & Managing Director, launched the agency in 2004. Since the beginning, he’s been looking for ways to unlock creativity with the right talent and technology, and heighten the user experience.

The Challenge: Scaling Custom Development

“I have a background in print publishing, and I’ve always wanted to take that content to another level with interactive elements,” says Hanif. “When we first started doing interactive development at CRE8, we worked with a team of developers on custom projects. But I was searching for an easier way to create this kind of content that didn’t require a huge team.”

The Solution: A Coding-Free Platform that Empowers Designers

CRE8 Network learned about Ceros in 2013 from a couple members of their development team. After exploring the tool, they immediately signed on as a client.

“Ceros gives total control to the designer,” says Hanif. “We can do pretty much anything with the platform without needing to code, paired with fantastic imagery and content from our brands.”

Not only does the platform provide creative freedom for the CRE8 team—it also enables them to create prototypes very quickly for pitching purposes. In Hanif’s words: “It’s really easy to design in the Studio. We’re able to put together concepts in just a few minutes.”

The Results: More Contracts and Happy Clients

With Ceros, the CRE8 team are able to pitch a lot more interactive projects than they would be able to with a standard development workflow that requires wireframing, design, coding, testing, and deployment.

“We’ve been selectively pitching interactive projects to clients since we signed on, but in the last year, we’ve really been pushing it,” says Hanif. “Brands have been very receptive—we have a number of big clients close to signing new interactive projects. Current clients who’ve already run interactive campaigns, such as Maserati, OSN and Sofitel in particular have loved the work CRE8 provided with the platform.

View an example of CRE8’s interactive content for StarsGo below.


“We can do pretty much anything in Ceros.”

Hanif Saddiq, Founder & Managing Director of CRE8 Network

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