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10Ten is a boutique agency specializing in interactive publications, marketing materials, and user experiences. From Fashion (Michael Kors) to Tech (VMware), their clients span a wide range of industries.

They were recently asked by the publishers of Tennis Magazine to create a weekly digital magazine called “Tennis Tuesday”. It is filled with the latest news, analysis, and gossip in the tennis world.

Tennis had four major requirements for the magazine:

  • Make it interactive, so fans get hooked by actively engaging with content
  • Publish twice as frequently as in the past
  • Grow audience by adapting to readers’ interests
  • Ensure content works on all devices
  • Deliver magazine in a Native iOS App

10Ten doesn’t employ a team of round-the-clock developers. Clients hire them for their exceptional creative talent, not to write code. By using the Ceros platform to create Tennis Tuesday each week, 10Ten can focus on designing a stunning publication that reflects what Tennis fans relate to.

Engagement up by 250%

By making content interactive rather than static, readers are transformed into captive participants. Readers click hotspots within the magazine experience to reveal and hide layers, activate animations, and play embedded videos.

Twice Monthly turns into Weekly

The Ceros platform grants 10Ten more speed and creative freedom by eliminating code from the equation. Publishing frequency went to once a week on Tuesdays.

Smart Content Analysis Increases Audience from 25K to 40K

Don’t let the white uniforms fool you. Tennis fans like dirt too. It turns out, they are more interested in gossip about Djokovic’s baby than the technicalities of playing on clay.

40,000 unique views

Unique Visitors jumped from 23K to 40K in a single week


Subscribers are more likely to engage with Tennis Tuesday on their tablet and smartphones. Ten10 therefore needed to ensure the magazine seamlessly worked across all devices.

The editorial team creates a single experience in the Ceros Studio and the platform automatically adjusts the experience according to each end user’s device.

Additionally, the team built a native iOS app for iPhones and iPads so die hard fans can automatically receive the magazine on their device. Push notifications alert them when a new issue of Tennis Tuesday has been published. They made the app available on the Apple AppStore.

The End Result?

Awareness: Unique Visitors jumped from 23K to 40K in a single week
Engagement: Interaction clicks grew from 100K to 250K, a 250% increase
Advocacy: Social Shared jumped by 76%

Tennis Media and Ten10 witnessed major results just one week after implementing Ceros.


Ceros allows us to create twice as much content in less than half the time

Managing Editor, 10Ten Media

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