Video Games and Parks:
Visual Stimulation September 18 – 24

Alyssa Mercante By Alyssa Mercante September 18, 2017

Visual Stimulation is our weekly calendar of events that will scratch your itch for visual goodness. Want us to include your city in the future, or have ideas for events we should include? Drop us a line at!

Monday, September 18th

Filmed in Brooklyn

Silent Lovers by Julie Orlick Film Screening – Free
8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Bushwick Community Darkroom
110 Troutman Street
Brooklyn , NY United States

Julie Orlick’s Silent Lovers was shot on 16mm film and takes inspiration from the silent films of the 1920s. Silent Lover is a full color, ten-minute short film that was shot in Brooklyn and edited by hand, an incredible feat and one that’s worth checking out.

Wednesday, September 20th

Furry Friends Welcome Art Show – Free
12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Grumpy Bert
82 Bond Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

I don’t think there’s much explaining to do here—this is an art show featuring various depictions of animals captured in various mediums and you can bring animals. I’m so there. I’m there already. I’m never leaving.

Thursday, September 21st

Video Games in NYC

Demo and Play – Free
6:00 pm — 9:00 pm
11 Times Square
New York, NY 10036

Free pizza! Free game demos! How much more is needed to entice you?! SERIOUSLY?! Playcrafting is hosting a free edition of their Demo and Play Night, with the best games from August’s Play NYC, a large-scale gaming convention. Video games are immersive, interactive visual stories, and there’s nothing cooler than being able to play something that is still in the midst of production. One of the games you can demo is one we’ve featured in our Digital Craft Weekly—Will Herring’s Pet the Pup at the Party, which is fantastic, as made clear by the title. If you don’t want to pet puppies, we don’t want you reading our stuff. You’re cancelled.



Friday, September 22nd

Bushwick Art

Bushwick Open Studios — Free
11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Various Bushwick studios

Arts in Bushwick, a volunteer-led organization, hosts the 11th annual Bushwick Open Studio Festival this entire weekend. Come celebrate local artistry and catch a performance or two. Follow the link to get to their events calendar in order to better map out your day. How often can you get unbridled access to a ton of local studios? The answer is once a year, so go do it.

Saturday, September 23rd

NYC Parks

Communal Spaces : a garden play festival — Free
12:00 pm
Madison Street Garden
974 Madison Street, Brooklyn

1:00 pm
Decatur Community Garden
1052 Decatur Street, Brooklyn

2:00 pm
Cooper Street Garden
34 Cooper Street, Brooklyn

3:00 pm
Infant Jesus Garden
36 Aberdeen Street, Brooklyn

4:00 pm
Hull Street Garden
145 Hull Street, Brooklyn

Wander through Bushwick’s many community gardens for a special treat—original, site-specific outdoor theater. The city’s up-and-coming playwrights have crafted five one-act plays for entertainment purposes, all starting at different times so you can catch them all if you’re so inclined! It’s a fantastic way of injecting a community with vibrant, original artistic work tailor-made for the space in which they’re presented. If you’re the kind of person who is perpetually interested in the community around them (if you aren’t you should be), then head over there and enjoy some free, community-driven theater. Heck yeah.

Sunday, September 24th

Art in NYC

Migration — Free
1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
558 St. John’s Place
Brooklyn, NY, 11238

Maura Sheehan is both an installation artist and an educator, who combines her exhibitions with art programs for local children. In an environment where art can often be inaccessible, Sheehan strives to make art that is available for all. Her exhibition at FiveMyles includes a living picture, or Tableau Vivant, made out of those balancing bird sculptures we’ve all encountered at least once in our lives. It’s art without the superiority complex, so get your butt over there.