Nosferatu and Lebowski:
Visual Stimulation, August 14 – 20

Alyssa Mercante By Alyssa Mercante August 14, 2017

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Monday, August 14th

NYC Indie Movies

NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century Screening – Free
8:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Pier 63 @ Hudson River Park
New York, NY 10011

A contemporary re-imagining of the 1922 classic Nosferatu, NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century by Andrew Mastrovito is a hand-animated, silent film set in NYC. Using 12 artists to create over 35,000 original drawings, Mastrovito adapts Friedrich W. Murnau’s iconic horror film about a vampire named Count Orlock to speak pointedly about cultural anxieties, xenophobia, and contemporary conceits of American liberty. The silent film, with meticulous drawings that invoke the flickering eeriness of early movies, features musical improvisations by The Dick Valentine Vampyre Jamboree, with Dick Valentine of the band Electric Six and two members of The Gay Blades. Free popcorn and free commentary on the absurdity of xenophobia—I don’t know about you but I’d rather have kernels trapped in my gums than be trapped in a myopic worldview. Art like this is more important now than ever.

Tuesday, August 15th

Movie screenings in NYC

Little Cinema’s immersive screening of The Big Lebowski – $13 – $45
7:00 pm – 12:00 am
House of Yes!
2 Wyckoff Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen The Big Lebowski, because you’re probably a fan of really cool cinematography and maybe also bowling. So then what could be so enticing or innovative about a screening of the Coen Brother’s classic film featuring a Dude, a briefcase, and some White Russians? How about audio and video remixing of the film, live music, acrobats flying overhead, giant rugs, and trippy lighting sequences? The House of Yes never disappoints when it comes to immersive visual events, and with this unique remix of The Big Lebowski, we’re certain you’ll be tripping just as hard as the Dude does after someone drugs his milky booze (or boozy milk?).

Wednesday, August 16th

NYC Visual Events

Counter-Couture: Handmade Fashion in American Counterculture – General Admission $16/Students $12/Seniors $14
10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Museum of Arts and Design
2 Columbus Circle
New York, NY

Nothing says counter-culture like the 60’s and 70’s maaaan, when everyone was wearing their own hand-crocheted halter tops and piling on the homemade beaded necklaces. The Museum of Arts and Design is currently showcasing an exhibition of the fashions of the hippie movement, which rejected normativity, materialism, and the capitalistic notion of the American Dream. Counter-Couture: Handmade Fashion in American Counterculture will transport you to a time when the Vietnam War was in full swing, flowers were in everybody’s hair, and gas cost 65 cents a gallon. Fashion allows us to explore new ways of self-expression, and when you reject mainstream capitalistic clothing endeavors and make your own clothing, you’re letting your clothes speak volumes. In our current political and social climate, maybe we could all benefit from a little more self-made expression, so head to this exhibition for tons of inspiration. Does anybody smell weed?

NYC Cemetery Tours

Historic Trolley Tour of Green-Wood Cemetery – $20
1:00 pm
Green-Wood Cemetery
500 25th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Man, I love a good cemetery, and Green-Wood is one of my favorites. It’s a gorgeous national historic landmark overlooking Manhattan that’s beautiful, eerie, and full of dead people, some of whom are famous. Check this place out in a highly unique way with a trolley tour that includes a visit to the breathtaking Gothic-style Historic Chapel, as well as hangs with some of the cemetery’s coolest corpse residents. Each tour offers different experiences, and this one includes visits to see the founder of the ASPCA, the catacombs, the inventor of the sewing machine (and his dog), and over 30 members of Teddy Roosevelt’s family. Don’t go bringing home any ghosts now, ya hear?

Thursday, August 17th

NYC Event Calendar

Live at the Archway: Big Sky Works – Free
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Water Street between Anchorage Place and Adams Street
Manhattan Bridge, New York, NY 11201

The DUMBO Improvement District has put together weekly free events at an archway under the Manhattan Bridge, and this week sounds like one of the best ones yet. Live at the Archway is a pop-up gallery, live art experience, and a performance space, all tucked under that big ol’ metal structure that spans Brooklyn and Manhattan. This week is a participatory circus (all ages, if you have tiny brats in your life) where you can help create a solar system or a planetarium with hula hoops and spinning carpets. There’s also a small art gallery (The Space Station by This Friday Next Friday), and art work by Cara Lee Sparry.

Friday, August 18th

Jazz and Chihuly NYC

Jazz and Chihuly: Songs of Protest and Reconciliation – $45
New York Botanical Garden
2900 Southern Blvd
Bronx, NY 10458

Dale Chihuly is a world-renowned artist whose speciality is creating dazzling glass shapes in vivid colors. The New York Botanical Garden is featuring both his early pieces and his site-specific work throughout the garden grounds and buildings. It is a brilliant amalgamation of the organic beauty of the gardens and the glass masterpieces by Chihuly that extend colorful, spiralling glass tendrils towards the heavens. Yeah, that was a beautiful sentence, because this exhibition is a beautiful thing. This Thursday NYBG is adding another layer to the experience by including a jazz performance by award-winning pianist Damien Sneed and his ensemble, who will play famous protest songs across a variety of genres. Beautiful music, beautiful flowers, beautiful sculptures—if that doesn’t make you happy, nothing will (you’re a sociopath).

Saturday, August 19th

NYC Art Events

Alternate Life: Image Dissociation Workshop with Tammy Nguyen – Free
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
AC Institute
16 East 48th Street
4th Floor
NY, NY 10017

When I was in middle school I had one of those binders with the plastic sleeve in the front that you could slide photos into so you could jazz up your school supplies. Every summer I designed collages for my binders (yes, plural, I had one for every class), and agonized over my ability to include several pictures of Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and Brandon Urie from Panic! At the Disco without seeming to favor Brandon over Pete (because Pete will always be mine). If that personal anecdote made you nostalgic for your scrapbooking/binder decorating days, join Tammy Nguyen, an incredibly successful multimedia artist, in a scrapbooking event dedicated to image association and our ability to “own” images that aren’t ours by the act of cutting and pasting. It’s like scrapbooking but for intellectuals.

NYC Events

5: A Celebration of the Senses – $20
10:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Producers Club Theaters
358 West 44th Street
NY, NY 10036

Stefano Di Lorenzo sees your movie and raises you a film experience that’s fully immersive, dreamlike, and surreal. 5: A Celebration of the Senses, isn’t just a catchy title—the experience combines dance, film, photography, performance art, music, lighting, and cuisine to tell a story about the cyclic nature of life. It’s promising to blur the binary between reality and art, and inspire the audience to feel all types of ways. Tickets are only available for purchase the day of the show, and twenty minutes before the performance, so if you’re looking to get your senses titillated, you best be on your A game.

Sunday, August 20th

NYC Art Events

Art Overexposed – $1 (plus fees)
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Secret Lot off Koscuisko J (Exact address will be released right before the event on Instagram)
Brooklyn, NY 11221

Creative curators LUXYLOADED are behind creative, visual events for people of color in the art community, and this event promises to be an incredible one. For a dollar, attendees can hang in a secret space and chow down on some Taqueria taco truck goodness while five teams compete in a friendly competition combining body paint and photography. The teams, consisting of a body painter, a model, and a photographer, will have an hour to paint their models and take a photo of them that encapsulates the mood they’re trying to invoke. The unedited photos will be projected onto the building and the attendees can vote for the winner. It’s BYOB, so grab a sixer and head over there.


Dale Chihuly courtesy of flickr user sailn1 – CC BY 2.0