Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa: Jay Acunzo

By Andrew Littlefield April 20, 2017

Tabula Rasa—meaning “Blank Slate”—is a new series in which we dive into the planning stages of a creative project by showing the early sketches and outlines from creators, comparing those to the finished product, and hearing from the creators themselves on how the project came to life. Read past installments here.

jay acunzo podcast

Unthinkable, podcast
Jay Acunzo, Creator and Host

“My show is an attempt to explore one big idea: how we can better use our intuition to do more exceptional work. I start my episode creation process by looking at what I call the Big Idea One-Pager. The idea behind a weekly program can always shift, so this is a sort of stake in the ground describing what we’re exploring so I stay focused. The goal is to walk away with big, hairy, unanswered questions that can become episodes.”


“As I begin to do story research, I write out ad-hoc notes in Evernote (both personal thinking and notes about the subject whose story will appear in the episode). Then, it’s time to interview the subjects and gather any other audio I need. Once I have all that together, I write the script in Google Docs.”

“From there, I send the audio and script to our editor, who cuts together the final episode.”

The Finished Product