Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa: Elvira Gatina

By Andrew Littlefield April 13, 2017

Tabula Rasa—meaning “Blank Slate”—is a new series in which we dive into the planning stages of a creative project by showing the early sketches and outlines from creators, comparing those to the finished product, and hearing from the creators themselves on how the project came to life.

MUSE: Museum of Unique Skills and Experiences
Elvira Gatina, Designer

“I came up with an idea for a fake museum (for a school project) called MUSE—Museum of Unique Skills and Experience.”

Designing a logo

“I knew I wanted to create a museum (because of my love of art and museums), and I wanted to do something for kids, so I started planning and using an idea map—sort of a game where you make word associations and build layers off each one. I came up with MUSE and started thinking about how I could play with the words each letter stood for.”

Designing a logo

“Then I just started sketching. The hand logo (upper left) came to mind first—it has a nonprofit feel. It’s also a bit cliche, but you have to think of the cliche stuff first and then your better ideas start to come. I wanted to get that playful, childlike feeling, so I played with the typography to experiment with handwritten looks.”

Designing a logo

“Once I had the general shape I wanted, I started working through colors—I wanted something playful and bright, so I went with primarily orange and green.”

The Finished Product

Designing a logo