Pet the Pups:
Digital Craft Weekly 35.17

Simon Martin By Simon Martin August 29, 2017

Digital Craft Weekly is a weekly design inspiration resource for interactive design and storytelling. Published each Monday, our mission is to inspire visual storytelling with new ways of creating interactive content and immersive digital experiences.

Digital Design

World of Synesthesia by Denkwerk

As a neurological phenomenon where the stimulation of one sense can trigger another, it’s no wonder that the effects of synesthesia can be difficult to describe. In this enlightening digital experience and accompanying VR app from Denkwerk, users walk through mind-bending experiences with actual synesthetes as they discuss tasting colors and hearing shapes.

 Pet the Pup Game

Pet the Pup at the Party by Will Herring

Legend has it that if you’re avoiding talking to people at a party, the best strategy is to avoid all contact and run around to find the Pup. At least, this according to Buzzfeed regular contributing illustrator and game maker Will Herring. Practice makes perfect, so see if you can find the pups hiding before the clock runs out.

Gleec Homepage by Gleec

Gleec is a free new communications app for iOS and Android that guarantees secure voice and text-based communications through a simple interface. This clever landing page highlights the app’s best experience with just the right amount of subtle interactivity.

Three.JS Experiments by Lars Berg

There’s no shortage of what can be done with complex 3D computer graphics in a web browser—but sometimes the more simple experiments can be among the most interesting. Leave it to developer Lars Berg to keep your mind occupied with the weird and the wacky.

Dance Tonite by LCD Soundsystem & Google Labs

Created by artists Jonathan Puckey and Moniker in collaboration with the Data Arts Team at Google and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, Dance Tonite is a crowdsourced dance party experiment where users travel from room to room experiencing a series of dance performances created entirely by fans. What will you bring to the party?