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Our Marketing Experiment Plan for Q1 2016

Matt Wellschlager By Matt Wellschlager February 5, 2016

Recently, I wrote about our aspirations to share more about what we’re trying here in our marketing program here at Ceros, as well as some of the big things we learned in 2015. In this article, I want to outline some of the big projects on our radar for the next couple of months.

For the first time, there seems to be real momentum behind our content and product that isn’t being forced by constant promotion, paid campaigns, or other manual approaches. Our partner pieces continue to refer traffic and interest to our site and content; we’ve started popping up in articles without asking people to write them; and our demo requests have gone through the roof.  From 80 per month a year ago, we’ve had over 700 demo requests this month. We’ve generated over 10,000 new contacts through our content programs. We have 20,000 monthly visitors to the blog, up from 1000 a year ago.  Every month, dozens of qualified leads appear from nurturing tactics they’ve been receiving for months.

This year, we have a whole new set of challenges compared to those we faced last year. Then, we were trying to build a foundation.  Now, we’re trying to build on that foundation to deliver the best experience for our audience, and to optimize our processes so we’re not bogged down with the volume of people we’re now engaging with.

Our big goals in 2016 revolve around creating a seamless experience for our audience from the time they first see a blog post, to the time they decide to learn more about what we do, all the way through to adopting and becoming evangelists of our product. Furthermore, we want to continue our dialogue with the community to help us push the envelope in content marketing.

Our Q1 2016 Experiment Roadmap

We have a lot of ideas in the backlog this year. Here are a few we’re planning to test out.

Demo Request Flow

One of the first experiments we’re tackling is testing our demo request flow. With the massive uptick in demo requests, we’ve found ourselves doing a lot of manual pre-qualification and disqualification, which consumes a lot of bandwidth from our BDR team. It’s also not ideal from a website visitor perspective.Just because someone wants to learn more about our product doesn’t mean they want to talk to a sales person. So we’ve created a demo video that we hope will streamline the prospect education process on our website and decrease the friction in the pre-sales process.

Information Capture (AKA Killing the Form Page)

The other big thing on our radar is how to revolutionize the information capture experience. When companies were creating PDFs, and there was no way to track engagement or be clever with digital technology, a dedicated landing page with a form made sense. But with all the digital tools now available, there’s a huge opportunity to create content and capture information in a much more streamlined way. Our goal is to figure out the right way to do it.

Customer Education

Over the last year, we’ve been focused squarely on acquiring an audience and new prospects to talk to. We’ve signed tons of new clients in the last six months and introduced a paid pilot program that gets people creating content for one month in the platform. As a company, we’re now putting our full weight behind our customer’s success. We have an amazing team of account managers that hold our customers’ hands every step of the way. Now we want to further equip our clients with additional content for training, inspiration, product insights, and more. We’ll be testing a variety of different topics and content types for customer education in 2016.

Lead Nurture Content

As I’ve touched on elsewhere, we continue to have a lack of mid-funnel content. We have a ton of content on all things related to interactive storytelling, but the minute you want to learn a bit more about our product, you have to get in touch with Sales. Our new demo video will help educate prospects who are ready to dive deeper into Ceros. But we also have a huge database of people who only know us as an editorial resource—they read our blog posts and our interactive content, and that’s it. Nurturing has done wonders to further engage these prospects, but we haven’t actually done anything to teach them more about Ceros. Using the demo video (and some new content we haven’t thought of yet), we want to see whether we can turn prospects in our database into people who are interested in learning more about our product and products like ours.

Smart CTAs

We’ll be continuing to test new tactics on our website and blog. We’re driving plenty of traffic there now, so the question is: How can we make the most out of everyone’s visit? One of our latest experiments is to incorporate more Smart CTAs from HubSpot on both our website and our blog. This means that we can show different CTAs based on a visitor’s lifecycle stage. For example, we’ll serve one CTA for a new visitor, a different one for a visitor whose email we have, and another for a client in a pilot program. We’re just starting to play around with this functionality, but we’re optimistic about the possibilities it holds to make every person’s visit as meaningful as possible.

Content Types

Over the past year, we’ve learned a lot about the types of interactive content we can build in our platform and the performance trends that go along with each of them. This year, we want to push the envelope with even more new content types. Traditional content types like an infographic, ebook, or microsite, while drastically improved when built on Ceros, are still part of a framework that we don’t necessarily have to hold ourselves to. Can we use new features, like our software developer kit (SDK), to create more unique content like games, branching assessment tools, or even a random eCard generator? We’re going to continue to push the envelope and discover new ways to tell stories with our platform.

Wrapping up

There are a ton of other experiments on our radar—these ideas are just the beginning.  Every day, we’re thinking of fun new things to try, and we look forward to sharing our results with you.

If you have ideas for experiments you think we should run,  let us know in the comments below! We’d love to incorporate them into our program.

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