The Big, Ugly Dragon That a Community Learned to Love

By Andrew Littlefield March 14, 2017

On the Atlantic coast of Florida, in Brevard County, there was a dragon.

The Merritt Island Dragon was a fantastic example of novelty architecture, erected in 1971, perched on the rocky tip of an island, that delighted boaters and motorists crossing the nearby bridge for over 30 years. Though initially scoffed at, the residents of this coastal town soon learned to stop worrying and love the dragon.

And the man that built it was every bit as peculiar as the dragon itself.

Novelty Architecture: The Story of Merritt Island’s Dragon

The most intriguing aspect of novelty buildings are the stories behind them—no one builds a giant basket, duck, or chicken just for the hell of it.

In 1971, an eccentric artist from Miami was hired by a couple to build something unique on their million dollar property—and he built a 67 foot dragon.

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Posted by Ceros on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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