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Marketing Experiment: Adding a Video to Our Demo Request Flow

Matt Wellschlager By Matt Wellschlager February 9, 2016

Now that we’ve caught you up on all the experiments we ran in 2015, it’s time to introduce our first test for 2016: the new demo video flow we’ve implemented on our site. We’re especially excited about this one!

Over the last year, we’ve created some great top-of-funnel content. We’ve also made our bottom-of-funnel engagement more efficient (from OUR perspective, NOT from our prospective clients). I covered the evolution of our lead funnel here, but here’s a quick recap of the recent issues with moving down the Ceros funnel.

Challenge 1: The Get in Touch Hurdle

We have tons of content around interactive storytelling. We have lots of examples of our clients’ work. But if you want to see how the product works, or get more information on pricing, you had to fill out our form on the Demo page. This inevitably creates a barrier for the prospect on the site. Most people are pretty nervous about giving their phone number to a company, even if the salespeople are respectful.

If you DO decide you want more information, and supplying your information is worth it, then you get a call from us. Then we ask you some questions. THEN we set up a call (in the ever annoying future) to have someone show you the platform.

This process isn’t fun, no matter how much you may need our tool. This is a digital world, and people should be able to get a tour of the product without having to go through a bunch of steps and commit to a meeting.

Challenge 2: The Qualification Hurdle

When we were first got started, we’d talk to anyone who was willing. As we accelerated our efforts and began to get more leads and hit the meeting targets we were setting, our sales team began to push back. How could they close any deals if they spent all day doing demos and disqualifying half of the people they spoke to? So we moved pre-qualification back to our Inside Sales team. This meant, in addition to scheduling calls from demo requests, the team would also ask a series of questions to determine if the requester was a viable candidate. Pre-qualifying prospects this way has greatly improved the process for Sales, but it’s caused bandwidth issues for Inside Sales (and been unpleasant for prospects).

We needed an easier way for consumers to determine if Ceros is right for them, without us interviewing everyone who requests a demo. We had almost 800 demo requests in January, and we only have 3 inside sales people. The old process just wasn’t scalable.

Challenge 3: The Content to Conversion Hurdle

We’ve had some decent success engaging our audience and converting them into subscribers of our premium content. Based on demographic, firmographic, and behavioral data, we’ve been able to turn a large number of these people into MQLs based on our lead scoring. However, these content-driven leads are the least likely to turn into Sales Qualified Leads. Something about moseying along enjoying Ceros content for a few weeks and then getting a call out of the blue from us just isn’t doing it for them. Big surprise.

Hypothesis: A Demo Video Will Reduce Friction

By making the demo video the key call-to-action on the site (“See Ceros in Action”), we believe we can solve all three challenges mentioned above. People are much more likely to watch a video than get on the phone with a sales person. Offering more detail about the product up front, and the option to get in touch with Sales after, will increase the number of people who self-disqualify. And for our content-driven MQLs, it serves as a solid mid-funnel asset to educate them about our product in a much less abrasive way. We also think this will help us generate more contacts, as it’s a much lower hurdle to conversion (just email instead of name, email, company, and title).

From a user perspective, the new workflow reduces friction. Prospects can now get information in real time. When they click “See Ceros In Action”, they can actually see Ceros in action—RIGHT NOW, not whenever a salesperson calls at an opportune time. This is vital for the modern digital consumer, who wants to be served the content they need in real time.

We’re also super optimistic about what this new video flow will do for Sales engagement. The first Sales call used to consist of explaining and getting the prospect familiar with the basics of what we do. Now, prospects will already have that foundation from the video. When they can get on the phone with us, they can come with detailed questions around how Ceros could work for their organization. It helps us move further down the funnel and get into the nitty gritty of what matters to make our prospects successful.

Historical Data

So experiments are supposed to have data, right? There are a lot of stats I look forward to sharing in our follow-up post in a few weeks. But here are some hard numbers from Google Analytics (November 2015 – January 2016) that reflect on our previous demo request workflow:

  • Users: 38,592
  • Unique Sessions: 68,206
  • Unique Views of the Demo Page: 8698
  • Demo Requests: 1335

During this time period, 3.5% of users requested demos in the last 3 months. If you look at the last 6 months, the conversion rate a bit lower than that. Roughly 23% of users are making it to the demo page, but only 15% are filling out the form. As a get in touch with sales conversion touchpoint, it’s not bad, but it means that 85% of people who clicked on the “See Ceros in Action” button were disappointed that they had to talk to Sales. In other terms, 7,363 people, just in the last three months, decided see Ceros in action was NOT worth talking to Sales. That’s a LOT of people.

We want those people to know about Ceros. Maybe they’re not ready to buy, but they might tell their friends or colleagues, or come back when the need arises later. But just having them bounce, never to know what magic lies inside our product? Homie don’t play dat.

New Demo Request Flow: How It Works

Here’s what new flow looks like:

  • When you click “See Ceros In Action” you arrive on the demo page.
  • We validate whether you’re an existing contact in Hubspot or not.
  • If you’re not, we show a pre-roll screen with our Video host asking for your email and a corresponding CTA. If you’re already in HubSpot, you skip right to the demo video.
  • Once you fill in your email, the page reloads and you’re presented with a 7 minute demo video that walks you through the product.
  • Under the video is a Talk to Sales CTA, which asks for First Name and Phone so we can reach out to you.

Video Demo Flow

While this seems like it adds friction to the process by inserting an extra step, an email is not a lot to ask. After all, we put our heart and souls into creating a great video! And if you’re not willing to put in an email to see the product, there’s no way you’re going to give us money for it.

We did want to make it easy to get in touch with Sales, however, which is why we didn’t ask for company name, job title, or any other information. This reduction in data may put additional strain on our Inside Sales team during the qualification process, but for the time being, we’re focusing on our users.

Expected Outcomes: Increased TOF Conversions & Smoother Sales Process

Going into this experiment, we expect to significantly improve the conversion rate on the  “See Ceros in Action” landing page. In our previous flow, only 12% of people filled out the form to talk to sales. With the new demo video and reduction of form fields to just work email, we hope to increase that conversion rate to 50%. We’ll let you know how it goes…

We also expect the number of people who request to talk to Sales to go down. As noted, a lot of people just want to see the product and know what it’s all about—they’re not ready for a demo call.

If the first outcome occurs, we’ll be creating a lot more contacts we can engage through content and nurturing. If the second outcome occurs, people are going to be much more engaged and serious about considering our platform when they engage with our Inside Sales team.

In sum, we expect:

  • Contact creation to increase from the See Ceros in Action page.
  • Sales demo requests to decrease.
  • MQL > SQL conversion rates to increase.
  • A happier, more educated audience who get more out of our site.
  • A more streamlined, resource-light sales process.

Collateral Benefits of This Experiment

The above outcomes focus on site visit conversions, but we do have another problem we’d like to solve. We acquire a ton of new contacts through our blog and other content tactics, but we don’t have a great middle-of-funnel piece to educate them about our platform without being sales-y. We’ll be using Smart CTAs on the blog to show the Video to existing subscribers, and we’ll also be incorporating it into our existing lead nurture streams. Our goal is to convert more content consumers into SQLs. We’ll share the results of this experiment as well.


We’re really excited about this new video demo request flow. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned in a few weeks for the preliminary results of our testing!

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