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Nick Mirkin By Nick Mirkin February 4, 2015

You’ve survived the brainstorm, arrived at a great idea, and you’ve turned that idea into an actionable plan, but now you’ve got to make that plan work. This is when your creative engine needs to kick into high gear. It’s time to start designing!

To give you the tools you need to see an interactive project grow from an idea to a viral hit, we’ve put ‘em all together in this little microsite just for you.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve got in the interactive design section:

Despite what is commonly thought, design isn’t exclusively a creative exercise. That’s why Nikki Pfarr, researcher and strategist at award-winning technology product design firm Artefact, has put together some awesome design advice inspired by science. That’s right, science, the stuff that gave us rockets and dry-ice fog for haunted houses. There are insights from behavioral economics and cognitive psychology, all to help you design gorgeous, more engaging stuff!

Speaking of gorgeously designed stuff, Patrick McNeil, professor of graphic design at the University of Missouri, is taking Donald Norman’s ground breaking design insights and using them to help digital designers create amazing work. For those who don’t know him, Donald Norman is the design wizard who wrote The Design of Everyday Things, the design magna opus of its time.

And just in case none of that can get your design juices flowin’ Marc Macdonald, content manager at Shopify, put together a list of 30 beautifully creative website designs. They all also happen to be eComm sites which is really helpful for those struggling to marry content and commerce (it’s definitely a tough nut to crack).

There’s all this and much much more at We’ve got articles from influential thought leaders to help you brainstorm, plan, design, distribute, and analyze your content. It’s all organized so you don’t have to dredge through all the sub-par content out there.

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