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Interactive Content Performance Trends from 2015

By Ashley Taylor Anderson January 13, 2016

In 2015, content creators from retailers, brands, B2B businesses, financial institutions, healthcare companies, agencies, and publishers developed a ton of great interactive content using Ceros.

We took a look at the performance data for four of the most common types of content created in our platform: infographics, eBooks, microsites, and lookbooks.

Here are a few key takeaways from our research.

  • eBooks had the highest dwell times, averaging 5 minutes. They also had the highest completion rates (60% average).
  • Infographics had the highest CTA clickthrough rates from content to external webpage, with an average of 10% CTR.
  • Lookbooks were more likely to be shared on Facebook and Pinterest, while infographics and eBooks were more likely to be shared on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Both microsites and eBooks had strong video play rates (21% and 29%, respectively).

This interactive infographic explores the trends we discovered for each category. Scroll down to explore all of the stats.

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