Interactive Content 101

Interactive Content: Take the Plunge and Own Your Adventure

Nick Mirkin By Nick Mirkin August 27, 2014

Content marketing is a moving target

This is both exciting and infuriating for marketers. It is no longer a simple matter of producing ‘content’. Here’s how content marketing has evolved:

  • 1st wave: text based
  • 2nd wave: rich media content
  • 3rd wave: personalization
  • 4th wave?

Like the people for whom the content is created, content marketing is always looking for the next big thing. So, what’s next?

Interactive Content: Content that gets people to actively engage in your marketing instead of passively consuming without actually absorbing. Interactive content is like a ‘choose your own adventure book;’ your consumer is the main character not simply the reader!

1) Content on its own is no longer novel

Every brand and their grandmother produces content. The consumer is absolutely inundated with information. The key for modern marketers is to cut through the white noise of untargeted marketing and geriatric content to present your audience with a rich and engaging experience.

2) Originality is more important now than ever

Being original in a saturated universe of white papers and infographics requires creativity. People are no longer the mindless consumers of the Mad Men era. They are thinking, feeling, and acting individuals with their own needs and desires. Don’t fight it, use it.

Connect with your consumers; put the responsibility of action on them. Someone who actively participates in an experience is more likely to internalize knowledge than a person who is passively presented with it. Let your consumer choose their own adventure!

3) The multi-faceted nature of interactive content can be scary

Embrace the fear. Allow your content to be dynamic and asymmetrical. The shortest path between two points may be a straight line, but the most interesting path is winding.

4) Choice leads to insight

Enabling people to choose will give you greater insight into who they are and what they want. You can see how many people opened or downloaded an infographic, but you can’t see where they paused, what they clicked on, or what they want to learn more about.

Opening up your content to interaction will give you relevant data to continue to evolve your content strategy. The more interactive your content, the more data you collect, the better your marketing becomes.


Content marketing is constantly evolving. What is cutting-edge today may be passe tomorrow. As marketers in the flux of the internet age, you must always strive to embrace these evolutions and endeavor to improve upon them. You may inspire the next phase of content marketing!

Be like your content: fluid, dynamic, and creative.

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