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Digital Craft Weekly 51.16

Simon Martin By Simon Martin December 19, 2016

Digital Craft Weekly is a weekly design inspiration resource for interactive design and storytelling. Published each Monday, our mission is to inspire designers and content marketers with new ways of creating interactive content and immersive digital experiences.

Through the Dark Interactive Web Experience

Through the Dark by Google Play Music

Created as a collaboration between Google Play Music and Australian artist Hilltop Hoods, this made-for-mobile interactive film tells the story of the artist’s young son who was diagnosed with leukemia at eight years old. While heartbreaking, the finished result is an outstanding piece of digital craft built using 3D cameras mapped to a phone’s accelerometer to explore two different worlds across 14 scenes.

Google Window Wonderland

Window Wonderland by Google Shopping

Starting with Macy’s in 1874, department stores across New York City have spent decades refining the art of the holiday window display. As a result, over 5 million tourists a year visit the Big Apple during the holiday season to see the latest designs that adorn the window displays of Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany & Co., Lord & Taylor, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s and others. Thankfully, for those who may not be able to check them out in person, the devs over at Google put together this nifty little Google Streetview walking tour for the armchair travelers out there.

Format-The Year That Changed Design Homepage

The Year That Changed Design by Format

According to the creative team behind the online portfolio platform Format, 2016 shaped up to be a rather interesting year in design. Frankly, we’d have to agree. In this interactive rehash of the past 12 months, the team takes us back to some of the #designfails that helped shape 2016 into the year that it was. Let’s hope 2017 puts us back on the right track.

Timeshift 165 Web Game

Timeshift 165 by Ultranoir

This stunning piece of digital and interactive fan art from Ultranoir is a love letter to the mythical 1938 Delahaye Type 165, a limited-edition supercar with just a single copy in existence. In this stylish and impressive in-browser racing game, users help save the roadster from oblivion while learning a thing or two about its history.

Lacoste Winter 360 Experience

Lacoste Winter 360 Experience by Lacoste

We get it: shopping online is just too easy. Who wants to spend hours in the cold or waiting in line somewhere when you can just as easily shop next to a roaring fireplace with a hot toddy? That said, online shopping can also be very boring. With this interactive 360° shopping experience from Lacoste, we get a glimpse at a different kind of online shopping experience that proves that shopping online can be convenient—and fun—just by kicking things up a notch.

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