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Digital Craft Weekly 12.17

Simon Martin By Simon Martin March 20, 2017

Digital Craft Weekly is a curated design inspiration resource for interactive designers and storytellers consisting of the best new digital projects. Published each Monday, our mission is to inspire new ways of creating interactive content and immersive digital experiences.

15 Years of SB Dunk by Nike

15 Years of SB Dunk by Nike

To celebrate 15 years of the SB Dunk, one of Nike SB’s first shoes, the iconic sportswear brand created this digital web experience to tell the stories behind some of their favorite designs since 2002. Between the inclusion of original year-appropriate skate footage and clever animations, we wish all online shopping had the to go into ‘storytelling mode’.

Transit Flow by Ray Luong

Transit Flow by Ray Luong

Created as an experimental personal project by Bay Area-digital product designer Ray Luong, Transit Flow is an experiment using D3 and BART data to explore how Bay Area transit ridership changes throughout the day.

WebGradients by itmeo

WebGradients by itmeo

Webgradients is a free collection of 180 linear gradients that are free to copy directly into crossbrowser code. For those who prefer Sketch and Photoshop, the fellas at itmeo have even creatd .PNG versions of each. Thanks guys!

Bears Ears by Upperquad

Bear Ears by Upperquad

To celebrate the beauty that is Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah, outdoor clothing company Patagonia teamed up with the Google Maps team to put together this incredible digital storybook exploring the area. Despite being designated a national monument by President Obama in December of 2016, current lawmakers are pushing to rescind the designation and open Bears Ears up to private development. Learn a thing or two about this incredible part of the US and take action directly from within the experience. Nice work, guys.

Endless Night by Mashvp

Endless Night by Mashvp

Created as an experimental interactive film by Teddy Delcroix, Endless Night takes the viewer on a mysterious journey through bent reality while simultaneously switching back and forth between what’s real and … well, what’s not.

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