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Digital Craft Weekly 11.17

Simon Martin By Simon Martin March 13, 2017

Digital Craft Weekly is a curated design inspiration resource for interactive designers and storytellers consisting of the best new digital projects. Published each Monday, our mission is to inspire new ways of creating interactive content and immersive digital experiences.

Ribbons by Airtight Interactive

Ribbons by Felix Turner

Created as an ambient experiment in generative art by Felix Turner (AKA Airtight), a Technical Director based in Los Angeles, Ribbons is built to run as a live wallpaper for spare monitors. Created using Three.js, colors and geometry are procedurally generated for a different view each time. We’re particularly loving the lighting effects on this one.

WebGL Globe by Various Digital Craftsmen

WebGL Globe by Google

As an open platform for geographic data visualization, WebGL Globe is a system for inputing your own data to generate unique globe patterns. Users who have used the platform have visualized everything from their Instagram Followers to Meteorite Landings. All are worth taking a peek at, but our favorite just might be the World Elevation visualization. Feeling particularly adventurous today? Enter your own data.

Audible Visuals by Sonia Boller

Audible Visuals by Sonia Boller

Audio visualizations are nothing new, but we love how dead simple this JavaScript-based one is from NYC-based web developer Sonia Boiler. Derived from the Archimedean spiral, the browser-based visualizer lets users drag and drop any MP3 into the browser window and instantly receive a visualization with the option to fine-tune controls. It’s the perfect excuse to get a projector for your next party.

Taptaro Homepage by Michele Angeloro

Taptaro Landing Page by Michele Angeloro

As a free iOS phrasebook app featuring more than 450 useful English words and phrases translated and recorded by native Japanese speakers to help casual travelers communicate better while in Japan, Taptaro doesn’t really need to do any more convincing. Yet, they have — and their minimal-yet-effective landing page by interaction designer Michele Angeloro seals the deal.

The Goldfinch by This Page Amsterdam

The Goldfinch by This Page Amsterdam

‘The Goldfinch’, painted in 1654 by Carel Fabritius, has inspired people and artists for centuries and still does to this day. In this incredible example of modern digital storytelling, Amsterdam-based digital agency This Page Amsterdam has created an interactive journey through the life and times of this infamous painting. Can we have one of these for every legit painting?

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