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Digital Craft Weekly 03.17

Simon Martin By Simon Martin January 16, 2017

Digital Craft Weekly is a weekly design inspiration resource for interactive design and storytelling. Published each Monday, our mission is to inspire designers and content marketers with new ways of creating interactive content and immersive digital experiences.

Gemstones Web Game by Elespacio

Gemstones by Elespacio

In this intergalactic browser game from the talented designers over at Barcelona-based digital creative agency Elespacio, Cubetheon, Pyramidis, Penthagona, and Heptathes are your planet’s four moons and civilization’s main source of energy. After centuries of mining, the planets become unstable and explode—resulting in extreme natural disasters to your home planet. Civilization’s only hope is to find four magic gemstones that carry the power to restore the balance between the planets. Ready? Set? Go!

Land Lines Google Chrome Experiment

Land Lines by Zach Lieberman & Matt Felsen

In this Google Chrome Experiment from developers Zach Lieberman and Matt Felsen, users explore a seemingly limitless amount of planet earth’s various geographical shapes and features simply by creating gestures with a mouse. Created with already-stunning Google Earth satellite images, this WebGL project is definitely one of the most unusual—albeit fun—projects we’ve seen in awhile.

Residente Soundscapes

Residente by Hello Monday

Puerto Rican rapper, writer, and producer Residente (René Pérez Joglar) has made a name for himself as a lyricist, performer, and music video director while picking up 25 Grammy awards—the most of any Latin star—along the way. Oh, and he also has an epic web experience where he shares various soundscapes and photographs from his world travels. Strap on your armchair seatbelt and take a virtual trip around the world with this beautifully-executed travel diary.

Moodica Lakeside Relaxation Video

Moodica by Warner Bros.

What if you could escape on-demand? Would you choose to be smothered by a pile of warm puppies or sit lakeside next to a cabin in the woods? Whatever it is you choose, such is the premise behind the Moodica video library from Warner Bros. While the videos themselves are top notch, the user experience of navigating between them is what got our attention. Give it a whirl—you may just find yourself dozing off with a virtual cat purring on your chest.

Humboldt County Visitors Website

Visit Humboldt by BKWLD

Located north of San Francisco and just south of the state of Oregon, Humboldt County in Northern California is a perfect mix of outdoor adventure and beautiful scenery. Unsurprisingly, both make starring roles in this stunning travel website for the county’s travel association. Featuring an ingenious “click to add to itinerary” feature, we very well just might have to put a big red circle on our calendars this year to visit.

Music: Sacred Motion by staRpauSe