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Digital Craft Weekly 01.17

Simon Martin By Simon Martin January 4, 2017

Digital Craft Weekly is a weekly design inspiration resource for interactive design and storytelling. Published each Monday, our mission is to inspire designers and content marketers with new ways of creating interactive content and immersive digital experiences.

Orient Express Homepage

Orient Express by DAN Paris

What better way to greet visitors to one of the most epic train routes in the world than by giving them a front seat view from the get-go? To celebrate the history and culture of the Orient Express, the operators turned to French-based design house DAN Paris to create this stunning visual spectacle designed to help inform and curate travel experiences on the famous railway.

Soulwire Web Experiment by Justin Windle

Soulwire by Justin Windle

Created as a hub for his various web experiment projects, Soulwire is the home base for London-based creative director (formerly of Google Creative Lab) Justin Windle. With a mixed background in code, animation, interactivity and generative design, there’s no shortage of wild experiments from Windle to be found here.

Quanta Group Homepage

Quanta Group by Immersive Garden

We don’t normally associate property investment groups with having particularly cutting-edge websites, but London-based Quanta Group looks to be anything but your typical property investment company. From the initial flyover of an English village to the clean animations and page scrolling, we’ll count this as a big win for site creator Immersive Garden.

Make Me Pulse Balloons

2016 Make Me Pulse by Make Me Pulse

Known for creating wild and unexpected web experiences, the designers at Parisian design house Make Me Pulse know a thing or two about grabbing your attention. For this “Goodbye 2016” microsite, the designers created a virtual grab bag of quirky interactions set against some inspirational words that will hopefully tide us over as words to live by in the New Year.

2017 Trendy Google Font Combinations

2017 Trendy Google Font Combinations by Great Simple Studio

Finally, what better way to start the New Year off than with some quick and easy design inspiration you can use in your project today? As a gift to all the digital craftsmen out there, the crew over at digital product creation house Great Simple Studio created this ultra convenient and informative collection of Google Font combinations worth considering for your next project. Thanks, guys!

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