Burritos and Radios:
Digital Craft Weekly 34.17

Simon Martin By Simon Martin August 22, 2017

Digital Craft Weekly is a weekly design inspiration resource for interactive design and storytelling. Published each Monday, our mission is to inspire visual storytelling with new ways of creating interactive content and immersive digital experiences.

Digital Design Inspiration

Savor Waves by Chipotle

If you count Wu-Tang Clan and Chipotle burritos among your favorite things in life, then you’re in for quite the treat. The fast-casual Mexican food chain recently teamed up with Wu-Tang member RZA to produce some spicy cuts for the brand’s Savor Waves sound + visual experience. Best of all, it’s all in good faith: create your own mix and score a free burrito on the house.

Radio Garden by Studio Puckey

Although we turn to Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, and a slew of other streaming music services these days, some of the best listening experiences are still found on the good old-fashioned radio. If you’ve ever wondered what radio stations might be broadcasting in your neck of the woods (or anywhere on the globe, really), Radio Garden has you covered with this real-time exploration.


The Polygon Shredder by Jaume Sanchez

This simple-yet-clever WebGL experiment from developer Jaume Sanchez lets users experiment and create their own virtual confetti storms. All of the fun… none of the cleanup.

The Bezier Game by Mark MacKay

The bezier tool is easily the single most powerful skill to master in most graphics programs—particularly, Adobe Illustrator. But training your brain to see shapes as a series of curves can be tricky. The Bezier Game from developer Mark MacKay aims to make mastering this useful skill both fun and educational.

Bonds Mash Up by Active Theory

To launch their Bonds Mash Up campaign centered around mixing and matching underwear styles, Australia-based clothing company Bonds turned to Active Theory to create this interactive “mix, match, or clash” experience for users to explore their own pattern combinations and create their own style. Note: possible NSFW (it’s undies, y’all).